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Injury Prevention 101 Guide

Injury Prevention 101 Guide

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What are the benefits of Toe Spacers

Our Toe Spacers help you to regain your foot functionality, strength and mobility. They improve circulation within your feet by awakening your intrinsic foot muscles and widening the gait of your foot, building happier and healthier feet🦶

Who can wear our Toe Spacers

Absolutely everyone! Our Toe Spacers are made out of a malleable material adapting to the individual shape of your foot👌

How long should I wear them for

We recommend to start with 15 minutes and increase the time as you wear them. As you get more comfortable using them, try to incorporate them into some form of exercise to experience the full benefits👍

Do they come in different sizes

Our Toe Spacers are designed so that one size fits all. The long lasting high quality silicone material of our Toe Spacers adapts to the shape of your foot (big or small)🦶

Do you suffer from pains that simply won't go away! No number of doctors appointments can put an end to this seemingly endless cycle, luckily you have found the right book.

Injury Prevention 101 consists of 5 chapters, diving in depth and taking a holistic approach to both preventing injuries and enhancing your athleticism. We are so certain that this WILL put an end to your pain that we will give you 100% of your money back if you don't see any results after following our specifically designed program within the first few weeks.

Injury prevention 101 provides you with an opportunity to not only further your knowledge regarding athleticism, however to also enable you to live pain free and become more athletic than you could ever imagine. The knowledge you will gain will allow you to medicate any future injuries, as well as preventing the need for expensive and ineffective doctors appointments.

It is safe to say Injury Prevention 101 is the NO.1 most effective and affordable guide in the world.            

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Use it or lose it!

Intrinsic foot muscles often remain dormant within the comfort of padded sports shoes. Our Re-volve deep tissue ball enables the awakening of these muscles which are often disregarded.

  • Our uniquely designed deep tissue ball provides targeted relief to very specific areas. It helps to provide myofascial relief and promote the establishment of dormant foot muscles. Injuries such as plantar fasciitis can be resolved through the regular use of our acupuncture ball.

  • Re-volve deep tissue ball promotes the awakening of intrinsic foot muscles. As a result these muscles regain their functionalilty and provide a relief from pain.