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Re-evolving, one foot at a time

Our aim is simple, we want all people to regain the holistic mobility we have evolved to enjoy.

  • 1

    The foot in its most primal state.

    This is a foot which has not surrendered itself to modern day fashion. The gait is wider with a distinct gap between the big toe and the remaining .

  • 2

    The foot displaying slight defects.

    This foot has narrowed marginally at the gait by the toes, a result of modern, restrictive footwear.

  • 3

    A deformed foot common in modern society.

    This foot has taken the shape of a narrow toe box, like that of a shoe. However its functioanlity can be restroed through the use of Re-volve Toe Spacers.

Our Mission

We want to help people of all ages to regain deep rooted, intrisic foot functionality. Modern society has unknowingly destyroyed basic foot mobility. Since the feet are the foundation of the human body this has immediate and severe knock-on effects. Fortunately the consistent use Re-evolve Toe Spacers can reverse the effects of "fashionable" footware which damage the feet providing a long term solution to chronic pain.